[RAPPORT] ECL Cartographic design


This following proposal is an additional task that complements the ESPON ECL Task 4 report. We propose to re-design 10 ESPON maps from the Second ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report, (1)
on the basis of all the mapping guide recommendations and (2) respecting the ESPON corporate identity. This proposal is intended to mean a reflection on a compromise between scientific and political issues.
This work focus on three main aspects:

– Aesthetical considerations (colors, symbol style, graphic effects, etc.);
– Layout and map staging (legend, titles, etc.);
– Enhancing statistical and geographical information.

Even if those aspects might be incompatible among themselves and since already stated a map kit too prescriptive is a hindrance to creativity and innovation, this Deliverable 6 aims to provide a constructive consensus to meet and as much as possible the political demand without sacrificing principles underpinning scientific mapping. Each represented map systematically depicts all ESPON member states (including remote territories). The northern part of the Cyprus Island will be represented in white with the label « no data available »; the blue stripes on both sides of the map will be maintained. However, to enhance the efficiency of the cartographic message, a generalised based map is used. As much as possible, the legend is displayed within the map. Some graphical tricks are used to enhance spatial structures.


[Télécharger le rapport au format pdf]

Nicolas Lambert

Ingénieur de recherche CNRS en sciences de l'information géographique. Membre de l'UMS RIATE et du réseau MIGREUROP / CNRS research engineer in geographical information sciences. Member of UMS RIATE and the MIGREUROP network.

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